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Reunion Page

Past and upcoming reunions

Another School Wide Reunion!
It is set! Committee has set a date of August 21, 2011
More information to follow,
Contact Chloe (Dowell) Moriarty 413-477-8515.

To update your address information, email the webmaster
at jjrossi@charter.net

Interested in having a Reunion for your Class?
Send in your request to your Class Coordinator


Alumni Reunion 2006 was Huge Success!
Held on August 20, 2006
Knights of Columbus
, Ware, MA

Committee Members
'46-Grace McGuire, '48-Josephine Calkins, '49-Grace Reidy, '50-Jack Reidy, '51-Bill Taylor,
'52-Chloe Moriarty, '52 Bill Bothwell, '53-Connie & Wesley Briand, '54-Theresa Mongeau,
'54-Harold Dennis, '55-Barbara Jackson, '56-Barbara Seymour, '57-Jackie Messier,
'58-Neil & Mary Gage, '59-Mary Ellen Harper, '60-Judy Wypych, '61-Alice Lowell,
'61-Sandra Klem, '62-Linda Stolgitis, '63-Joan Brouillette, '64-Mary Ann Vinsky,
'65-Mary Jane Garceau, '66-Linda Krukas, '67-Mary Jane Sheldon, '67-John Rossi,
'68-Roberta DiMarzio, '69-David Deschamps, '70-Patty Sczepanik

Class Group Photos
Class of 1959 Class of 1962
Class of 1963
Class of 1964 Class of 1966 Class of 1967

Group Photos

Classmate Photos
Alan & Shirley Lyons Hodder Class of 1949Allen & Hattie Rabtoy Thresher Class on 1963Anita Tougas Howe Class of 1930
Arthur & Barbara Rossi Class of 1960Arthur Prouty Class of 1943Jean Perrella, Julia Bernarz Freeman 1935, Joe Bednarz 1943, Becky Bednarz Wandas 1934, Jackie Freeman, Stella BednarzBernard & Nancy Ruggles Heaney, Gertrude Robinson Ruggles 1938
Bernice Tamkus Klem 1933, Judy Klem StoneKaren Robbins Saletnik, Ebba Robbins Carlson, Betty Markham Carlson, Shirley Carlson DugaBeverly Prouty Mooney 1958, Barbara Tardy Prouty 1949, Ruth Prouty Ward 1944Bill Jackson 1954, Barbara Bothwell Jackson 1955Faith & Jim Welch Class of 1953
Bill Stolgitis Class of 1958 Bill Taylor Class of 1951Bob Martel 1954 & Mary Ann Walsh Martel 1956Bob & Patricia McGuirk Shea Class of 1958Phyllis Bullan Klem 1951 & Robert Klem 1943Gina & Bob Sanderson Class of 1962
Marie & Bob Lemoine Class of 1955 Bob Messier Class of 1954 & Tony Dubois Class of 1962Bonnie Robinson Class of 1963Jean & Brian Minalga Class of 1933Annie & Carl Phillips Class of 1960
Carl Nimtz Class of 1943Carmine & Barbara Sullivan Fusco 1955, Dick & Joann Sullivan O'Riley 1961Carol Messier Ruggeri 1962 & Robert Messier 1958Richie & Carol Zielenski Irwin Class of 1960
Helen & Charles Furgal Class of 1949Alice May Goodfield Lowel 1961 & Charlie Lowell 1959Charlie & Josephine Sisco Calkins Class of 1948
Charlie & Penny Scott Killam Class of 1956Sandy Dennis Allen 1955 & Charlie Allen 1952Voila & Charlie Majka Class of 1941Chet & Debra Noble Lemon Class of 1969
Christine Dowell Carballeria Class of 1949Clyde Dorman Class of 1940Connie & Bill Lavallee Class of 1956David Wood 1969, Martha Wood Dubenski 1967Davis and Frances Lowell Surles Class of 1958
Julie & David Kubaska Class of 1962Diana Podbelski Clark Class of 1970Dick & Sybil Hanson Smith Class of 1956Dick & Judy Robinson LaGrand Class of 1961Dick & Peggy Briand Como Class of 1956Linda Bothwell Stolgitis 1962 & Donald Stolgitis 1961
Doris & Joseph Bartoszek Class of 1946Doris Bessette Class of 1960Dottie Barton DiVecchio 1966 Arlene Barton Lavigne 1959 Joann Barton Wypych 1968 Sandra Barton Breen 1963Bill Dowel 1956 Christine Dowel Carballeira 1949 Chole Dowell Moriarty 1952 & Jack Dowel 1951Ed Kowynia Class on 1965
Edna Beauregard Fullan 1939 Ruth Beauregard & Paul Beauregard 1937Mary Ann Podbelski Vinskey 1964 & Edward Vinskey 1963Edward & Phyllis Koziol Sorel 1950Edward Kress Class of 1944
Richard Gallagher, Diane Vinskey Gallagher 1966 & Edward Vinskey Sr 1936Lenny Messier 1946, Cecelia Bullan Carroll 1942Catherine & Emil Kemic 1940
Eustance & Shirley Douglas Avery 1942Frances Jogis Pobieglo 1956 & Aldona Jogis Grigas 1944Cheryl & Francis Skutnik Class of 1968Diana & Francis Rucki Class of 1961
Joann & Frank Johnson Jr Class of 1966Frank & Camile McMahon Peterson Class of 1961Dawn & Frank Moryl Class of 1958Joann & Gary Dorman Class of 1960Genevieve Mazur 1937 Hellen Mazer Biatek 1941 Stanley Biatek 1933 Eleanor Mazur Gauthier 1939
Irene Matukaitis Prouty 1949 & George Prouty 1947George Hanson 1967 & Dennis Laperle 1968Gloria Martel Judd Class of 1954


Coming soon - More Photos of the Reunion, check back often.

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Class of 1948-1956, Group Reunion
Salem Cross Inn, West Brookfield, MA

Row 1 Seated on Grass
John Canavan, Henry Wall, Joyce Duval Prince, Isabell Pluta Kirchof, Bill Dowel, Bill Welch, Harold Dennis
Row 2
Paul Mitchell, Lois Witkos Swindlehurst, Grace Valardi Reidy, Theresa Ostiguy Mongeau, Marian Harnois, Phyllis Kozial Sorel, Betty Keith Goodfield, Christine Dowel Carballeira,
Chloe Dowell Moriarty, Joyce Rabschnuk Fulton Schoonmaker, Edwina Kaczmarski Kirby, Joyce Lavalle Russell, Barbara Lavallee Francis, June Gage Przybyla, Betty McDonald Martone, Gene Valley, Bob Lemoine, Gerry Barry
Row 3
Joan Runge Creswell, Shirley Petrila Zuppio, Beverly Runge Willson, Nancy Tardiff Cronin, Edith Hanson Patenaude, Hazel Parker Parsons, Sylvia Phaneuf Swistak, Elaine Nimtz Sisco, Mary Mitchell Thompson, Betty Brown Parrish, Lois Brown Chisholm, Charlotte Lyman Eldridge, Teel Vachon Pluta, Jean Pease Pajak, Gloria Martel Judd, Leona Duval LaFleur,
Bill Lavallee, Frank Thresher, Phyllis Petrila Smith
Row 4
Shirley Gerulaitis Roy, Patty Sullivan Dubay, Barbara Sullivan Fusco, Peg Briand Como, Barbara Desjardins Miedzwiecki, Janice Thrasher Looney, Sandra Dennis Allen, Anne Carroll Tooley, Ethyl Marritt Robertshaw, Jeanette Lavigne Bessette, Charlie Allen, David Valley, MaryAlice Lowell Pollard, Shirley Dubois Chaisson, Barbara Gage Bates, Neil Sullivan
Row 5
Bill Tayler, Bob Martel, Jack Reidy, Bill Bothwell, Barbara Prouty Tardy, MaryAnn Walsh Martel, Patty Matukaitis Sibley, Terry Chenette Quink, Janet Valley Krol, Jack Krol, Olive Taylor Ritter, John Ritter, Connie Valley Briand, Wes Briand, Jeanette Dufault Lapoint, John Dowell, Estelle King Comeau, Siegfried Runge, Joyce Twible Runge, Barbara Robinson Young, Josephine Sisco Calkins, Richard McDonald, Barbara Bothwell Jackson, Bill jackson, George Mann
Absent from picture: Bruce Lunsford, Jackie Priest Baldyga, Betty Davis Haywood


Class of 1960, 20th Reunion
Salem Cross Inn, West Brookfield, MA

Row 1
Nancy (Ruggles) Heaney, Louis Egan, Judy (Elkins) Wypych
Row 2
Arthur Rossi, Donna (Soltys) Prescott, Daniel Dymon, Joann (Briand) Kubaska,
H. Davis Goddard, Beverly (Nowak) McCarthy
Row 3
Gloria (Mercure) Conniff, Robert and Dot (Phaneuf) Holdbrook, Fred Podbelski,
Henry Skowyra, Steve Kubaska, Paul Wypych, Phyllis (Urban) Dwelly, Franck Kardas


Class of 1967, 25th Reunion

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